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Wooden Watches A Favorite Fall Accessory

Wooden Watches A Favorite Fall Accessory

*This post was sponsored by JORD Wooden Watches, and the experiences and opinion expressed here are our own.

There’s something innately interesting about a watch made from wood, especially as the leaves change and the branches become more visible in the Autumn weather. The colors this time of year lend themselves naturally to the warm tans, browns and blacks of wood. Because of this, wooden watches are a favorite fall accessory for both men and women. And particularly 2Dads!

men's wooden watches for Fall

Dressed up or down, the JORD Ebony and Iron Hyde Series is a great men’s watch for all seasons.

Now, most of my friends know I’m kind of a watch collector. Just like some women like a closet full of shoes, I’m the kind of man that likes a collection of signature watches. People often ask me to show them what unique timepiece is on my wrist for the day, and I’m proud to show them off. Although there are a few really nice ones in the bunch that could be considered valuable, I think they are all of great value simply because I lovingly picked each one.

JORD Delmar Zebra wood watch

We love the chunky design and interesting Zebra wood tones of the JORD Delmar men’s watch.

So it’s natural that I would want to add wooden watches to my collection. And since I came across the collection at JORD, I’ve found so many I love.

And you can love a JORD wooden watch too! Enter our drawing for a chance to win $100 to shop the JORD collection of men’s and women’s wooden watches! 

*The contest will close 11/11/2018 at 11:59pm CST. Both the $100 and the 10% off codes will expire on 12/09/2018.


Whether I’m searching for the perfect men’s watches or women’s watches, I like the option of wooden watches more than anything for the Fall season. The warm natural tones of wood go nicely with clothes that celebrate the colors of Fall, which makes wooden watches a favorite fall accessory.

Driving has never been so stylish! My JORD wood men’s watch makes me smile on my morning commute.

I’m partial to the stripey Zebrawood and White Carbon JORD Watches Delmar Series, which is a standout because of the unusual wood grain and striking color combo. With a super chunky wooden band, my Delmar watch looks great with a sport coat during the workday. On the weekend, it looks just as cool with a sweater and jeans as I bop around town. Because we live in San Diego, I think my JORD Delmar watch is popular because of its surf and beach vibe.

Another one of our favorites is the JORD Ebony and Iron Hyde Series watch, and Triton’s been sporting that one to work and play. He likes the black-on-black finish, and the sleek design that looks both conservative and edgy at the same time – just like him.

JORD ebony wood watch at work

Even at work with a business suit, the JORD ebony and iron wood watch looks smart and fashionable.

Of course, since we wear the same size we can wear both JORD wooden watches interchangeably. Benefits of being 2 dads, y’know.


Ever since I was a little kid, watches have always fascinated me. I can remember my first watch – it was a Timex with a NASA astronaut theme and a really cool watchband. Wish I still had that baby now!

Over the years, I’ve amassed quite a collection. My timepieces range from my dad’s old fifties styles that you have to wind by hand, all the way to several nice watches by renowned jewelers. All in all, I must have about thirty in my collection. Each one tells a story, and I can remember wearing them and feeling so cool – regardless of the watch style, Hell, I even remember rocking a white Swatch Watch when they were all the rage. (That is one I did not keep!)

Add to your own collection! 

Enter to win our drawing for a chance to win $100 to shop the JORD collection of men’s and women’s wooden watches!

*The contest will close 11/11/2018 at 11:59pm CST. Both the $100 and the 10% off codes will expire on 12/09/2018.

Wooden Wrist Watch

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Kicking Off Summer with StitchFix Men

Kicking Off Summer with StitchFix Men

*We are happy to work with StitchFix as sponsors of this post, and as usual the sentiments expressed here are ours and ours alone.

I’ve always thought of myself as style conscious and a good dresser, but as life gets busier and more complicated I rarely have time to shop anymore. What with raising two teens, playing chauffeur to their activities, keeping the house in somewhat working order and holding down a job, I’m barely able to get dressed in the morning, let alone stylishly. That’s why I’m kicking off summer with StitchFix Men, because – GO FIGURE! – they have an entire men’s service.

StitchFix Men delivers fashion to my door

Unpacking my delivery from StitchFix Men, and then packing it right back up into our luggage.

Kicking Off Summer with StitchFix Men

When I was introduced to the nice folks at StitchFix, I was surprised to learn they also have a men’s service. We have a bunch of women friends that regularly use StitchFix and love it, but none of our guy friends ever mentioned it. Who knew? They have a ton of guys’ stuff, and when I scanned through the brands and clothing examples I realized they could be a great solution to my shopping dilemma.

StitchFix Men delivery is a hit

When our delivery from StitchFix arrived, I was so happy to open it and find these cool items.

They had me at Original Penguin, Rag & Bone and Ben Sherman, which we already have stocked in our closet and are comfortable with the look and fit of their clothes. This made us feel good about trusting them to find us some really good stuff.

WIN A SUMMER VACATION WITH STITCHFIX! Check out this chance to win one of 10 getaways anywhere in the continental U.S., with a bunch of new vacation clothes thrown in. (Not just for men only!)

No Time for the Mall

The shopping mall used to be our playground. Before kids, Triton and I would sometimes just go to the mall without any real reason. We would wander aimlessly through the stores and shops, sometimes buying a bunch of things and sometime a little – but always something. But these days, the mall has become a pseudo babysitter for teen girls. We drop them off in gangs, where they roam wildly in giggling herds until we swing back to pick them up. As I grow older (ahem) I have less and less appetite for being around all that.

Combined with lack of time, and the mall has become a distant memory reserved for a few choice times when I need a retail fix.

StitchFix Men at the Cat Therapy Cafe in Santa Barbara

Visiting the Cat Therapy Cafe in Santa Barbara, I was the best dressed person there!

Enjoying a Personal Shopper

I used to think having a Personal Shopper was for rich people. (Didn’t Kim Kardashian basically get her start this way?) It seemed so nice to think that someone would know me well enough to understand what I like and just bring me stuff to consider. I could just sit in a chair and say “yes” or “no” like some baller. Thinking that was out of my range, I ran around trying to match things to the best of my abilities.

Here’s another cool thing about our StitchFix experience: you are assigned a personal shopper who does it all for you. Our personal stylist is Tiffany, and she worked from some simple questions I answered to find us some great fashion matches. She sent me five things and I said “yes” to all of them. This made kicking off summer with StitchFix Men a more easier thing to continue.

StitchFix Men swimtrunks

I was even outfitted with cool new clothes for the beach, including these awesome swim trunks.

Permission to Move Outside your Comfort Zone

Don’t know about you guys, but when I decide to make a bolder fashion statement outside of my comfort zone it freaks me out. I second guess myself the whole time: Should I buy it? Should I not buy it? Even when I do decide to buy the thing, the whole time I am wearing it I constantly wonder if I’ve overdone it or am out of my fashion league.

Your StitchFix personal shopper may send me things she knows will work for me, and I would never have had the balls to pick out for myself. Somehow with her permission and the comfort in knowing the pieces actually do look good together, I pulled it off without anxious overthinking.

StitchFix Men at the taco shop

I look like a male model eating a taco. (Well at least the taco part.)

Stress-Free Vacation Packing

Because life is hectic, I rarely have time to pack my bags until the night before we are leaving. And making things worse, we invariably have an early morning flight scheduled. Packing amounts to a frenzy of pulling things out of drawers and off hangers, tossing them around to try and make things match. At night. After a long day at work/school. This is almost always a recipe for forgotten items or worse yet, unmatched clothes because I forgot something that matches something else. In these circumstances, I’ve taken up room in my luggage and carted around a bunch of stuff I will end up not wearing.

Sound familiar?

Kicking off summer with StitchFix Men makes the process makes vacation packing a whole lot easier. I already know what to pack and what goes together because my personal stylist already told you so! These outfits were even chosen and sent to me BECAUSE THEY MATCH and can be recombined with other items in all kinds of ways. Tiffany even sent me a note telling me what to wear together, and what we could grab from our our closet to augment the outfits. Brilliant.

Win A Summer Vacation with StitchFix

Check out this chance to win one of 10 getaways anywhere in the continental U.S., with a bunch of new vacation clothes thrown in. (Not just for men only!)

SUP in Santa Barbara

A stand up paddle board lesson on the calm waters of Santa Barbara Bay (photo taken from Stearns Wharf.)

Next Order Already on the Way

No joking, I am so happy with shipment and choices I received from StitchFix that I’ve already scheduled the next Fix. It’s on the way to me now in advance of our trip to Playa del Carmen later this month. I’ll keep you posted on how that package turns out.

Bottom line: StitchFix Men is totally worth it, and I’m sold. Now what to do with all that time I just gained back???

The view from the Hilton Santa Barbara Resort was pretty darn good, just across from the beach and a walk or bike ride to pretty much anything.


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Qué Coqueta! (or: Your Daughter is a Tramp)

Qué Coqueta! (or: Your Daughter is a Tramp)

(Reblogged from 2008) Qué Coqueta! That’s Spanish for “Your daughter is a tramp”. Okay, maybe the literal translation is more like “What a flirt!” but you have have seen the look on our Mexican nanny’s face when she said it. It had ho-bag written all over it.

You see, Ava likes her dress-up. A lot. And she has the special pair of shoes that are a particular favorite. They are clear plastic glass slippers with a 3-inch kitten heel, a la Cinderella with an attitude. I have no idea where they came from. They probably arrived at our house as a birthday present innocently enough, in a Little-Miss-Dress-Up Play Set from Ronco or something like that.

Princess Ava

But oh, how Ava LOVES these shoes. She calls them her HighHeelGlassSlippers (all one word). The minute she gets home from school, off come the cute pink sandals or the polka dot Chucks, and on go the Little Miss CFM pumps. I swear, she would wear those damn things to bed if we let her.

So when I got home from work last night and walked in the door to greet my family, I hear the click-clack clickety-clack of Ava running towards me on the hard wood floors, and I know. I know the HighHeelGlassSlippers are making their evening appearance. Sure enough, she rounds the corner in full princess drag.

That’s when our nanny dropped the bomb. “Qué coqueta!” she said. “Ella tendrá muchos novios.” She will have many boyfriends.

Nice. Just what a dad wants to hear.

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Review: Gansevoort Park Avenue Hotel NYC

Review: Gansevoort Park Avenue Hotel NYC

Wait, New York City with NO KIDS?!?! Well it was a business conference after all, but luckily the organizers chose a kick ass hotel. So, off to the Big Apple without needing to plan any family activities.

And I’m no slouch, but a trip to NYC always means you’ve got to bring your GAME. And this hotel is like living inside an Instagram filter named “Hipper”, because you just look better and life seems just a bit shinier when you stumble into some good lighting at the Gansevoort Park Avenue Hotel. Maybe it was all the other hip guests staying there too – I’m positive some rubbed off on me in the rooftop bar.

The lobby is chic, the roof bar and pool is a happening spot for locals and guests, and even the restaurant does a good job. I really liked my room, which was large and in charge with plenty of space for sitting, working, sleeping and the whatevers. Plus it was facing 29th Street, where I could spy on the roof bar across the street (Tavern 29) and catch various ongoing shenanigans on display.

Darling I love you but give me Park Avenue... Darling I love you but give me Park Avenue…

Located on the East Side at the corner of Park Avenue and 29th in NoMad, the Gansevoort is convenient to many famous sights. I was able to walk easily to Madison Park, Union Square, The Flatiron Building, Eataly, Empire State Building and more. It was a quick cab ride to the cool new digs of The Whitney Museum of Art and the adjacent Highline. Plus being on the East Side means it is so very much easier to get to and from JFK, without having that hideous cross town traffic.

The air! Times Square! The air! Times Square!

I will definitely go back, especially when I’m due for an uptick in my hip quotient. And I would even consider bringing the family here. Triton would appreciate the design aesthetic, and Sophia and Ava would love the actor/waiter/model parade from the lobby to the roof and back. Especially at 1 a.m.

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I’m the Mommy and the Daddy

I’m the Mommy and the Daddy

Reblogged from 2008 — Not in the literal sense, but Triton and I often feel like we are filling both roles simultaneously – mother and father at once. We shift back and forth between the stereotypical and the completely atypical…many, many times a day. He’s the best, my Triton. He makes it seem effortless as he spend one moment braiding the girls’ hair into beautiful creations that would make the Pennsylvania Dutch proud, and the next minutes he’s playing monster and chasing them through the house with a deep, manly growl.

Our girls have never known it any other way. I remember when Sophia was only two, and she said one night after dinner in a very matter-of-fact tone, “I don’t have a mommy.” And Triton and I said “That’s right honey, you have a daddy and a papi”. And she smiled, nodded her head in agreement, and asked what was for dessert.

Good thing we have a lot of women in our lives for balance, and some as close as family could ever be. One of our most incredible turned out to be no farther than the house right next door – the girls’ honorary Aunt Babs, who has become a very special part of our extended family. Along with a few other VIP women in our lives, our girls have plenty of healthy female role modeling going on.

But still, when one of the girls tells me her vagina hurts and wants me to have a look, I’m feeling pretty motherly at that moment.

And you know what? That feels pretty great.