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Best Cirque de Soleil Show in Las Vegas for Families

Best Cirque de Soleil Show in Las Vegas for Families

Las Vegas is home to a variety of wildly popular Cirque de Soleil shows playing at various hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, but which is the best Cirque de Soleil Show in Las Vegas for families? There are a total of six Cirque shows currently playing in Las Vegas, more concentration than any other city in the world. Our family has seen them all (well, the kids have seen all but one) and we rank them here for you to consider.

Las Vegas Strip night lights

Ah, the Las Vegas Strip never disappoints – kind of like a giant carnival.

We are judging for the best Cirque de Soleil show in Las Vegas for families completely subjectively, using our own family’s experiences over the past couple of years. It’s possible that some shows might have changed for the better – or worse – but in general our guide will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Mystère Cirque de Soleil Las Vegas balance act

The concentration in this Hand to Hand Balancing Act was incredible in Mystère. (photo credit: Richard Termine)

One thing to remember in all this – any Cirque de Soleil show is absolutely chock full of amazing acts, and performers who defy nature and gravity. There are so many things for the senses to take in, it sometimes takes days to process the experience. They are all really that good.

But which is the best Cirque de Soleil Show in Las Vegas for families?

Cirque de Soleil Mystère Las Vegas

The costumes, actors and performances are out of this world at Mystère in Las Vegas (photo credit: Matt Beard)

Read on for our suggestions and available tickets:


Location: Treasure Island

Mystère was the first Cirque de Soleil show to debut in Las Vegas, and was an instant sensation. After hearing the rave reviews, we even flew to Las Vegas specifically to see this show. It’s grand and wild and amazing and so much fun. Mystère birthed the Cirque juggernaut which would take over the world, and rightly so. With enormous inflatable snails that seem to sail across the stage and daredevil aerials, the show is mesmerizing still. As the grand daddy of all Las Vegas shows from the day in debuted, Mystère changed the way shows are staged and audiences interact with performers. Classic and still amazing.

Location: MGM Grand

KÀ Cirque de Soleil Battle scene Las Vegas

The battle scene in KÀ is impressive, considering these performers are hanging vertically. (photo credit: Cirque de Soleil)

was the first show we took our kids to see, and their eyes were wide with amazement before the show even started. The Cirque formula is brilliant, starting with fun entertainers coming into the audience before the show to warm us up. In the KÀ show, there is a moveable, tilting stage that challenges performers to defy gravity. Fancifully costumed acrobats appear to walk up a wall, drop from heights to depths at rapid speeds and more. This show contains a collection of connected acts that tell a story, hard for kids to follow but triumphant in the end.


Location: Bellagio Hotel & Casino

This is the water show you’ve probably heard so much about. Perhaps “O” stands for Ocean? Or possibly Outstanding? “O” has to be seen to be believed – it’s truly amazing what these performers can do in a very small amount of water. The staging is like nothing we’ve ever seen, as it provides the audience with a dual view above and below the water level. This Cirque show is on another level, and we’ve never seen anything like it before or since.

"O" Cirque de Soleil Las Vegas Bellagio

Performers dive into the waters of “O” by Cirque de Soleil at Bellagio in Las Vegas. (photo credit: Tomasz Rossa)


Location: New York New York Hotel & Casino

Zumanity Cirque de Soleil Las Vegas

Zumanity is too racy for kids, and is a more adult version of Cirque de Soleil. (photo credit: Pierre Manning)

This show is not for kids. Described by Cirque de Soleil as intended for adults only, Zumanity is sexy, racy, baudy and audacious – which is definitely a part of the Las Vegas experience. More burlesque than circus, Zumanity is one of those shows you either like or don’t. Perhaps we caught them on a bad day, because we did not love this show. In fact, it was a little boring. The Mistress of Ceremonies was a towering drag queen, and Cher knows we love a good drag queen. This one, however, did a lot of prancing and exclaiming but little actual entertaining. Nope to this one, kids or not.


Location: The Mirage

LOVE is based on the music of The Beatles, and kids love the show because they recognize so many of the popular songs it contains. Staged creatively in four quadrants, the audience sits in distinct sections but all get to experience the show from their own perspectives. The use of gauzy drapes and suspended performers is impressive, and LOVE’s action keeps the audience riveted throughout. Our kids loved this show because there was something to see regardless of where you looked, and so did we. LOVE is very light, airy and uplifting.

The Beatles LOVE Cirque de Soleil Las Vegas

The Beatles LOVE show in Las Vegas is an extravaganza, like this scene from Sgt. Pepper. (photo credit: Matt Beard)

Michael Jackson ONE

Location: Mandalay Bat Resort & Casino

Using Michael Jackson’s iconic repertoire of songs, Michael Jackson ONE has an uplifting plot that leads the audience through a transformation. Michael Jackson the performer had a distinct message to share about one love, life’s beauty, diversity and hope for humankind. This Cirque show follows this philosophy, with entertaining acts and performers including one amazing dancer in the Michael Jackson genre (space walking is indeed included). We’ve seen this show twice, and each time leave feeling better than when we entered.

Michael Jackson ONE Cirque de Soleil Las Vegas

Such amazing dancing in Cirque de Soleil’s Michael Jackson ONE show in Las Vegas. (photo credit: Aaron Felske)

So which is the best Cirque de Soliel show in Las Vegas for families?

Our family votes for a tie between “O” and Michael Jackson One as the best of the best. Both are amazing for different reasons, with so much to see it really is hard to breathe at moments. Your kids will love either one, and if you can swing it we recommend you see both shows on your next visit. Cirque de Soleil tickets in Las Vegas are not inexpensive, but you might be feeling flush from your winnings at the casino tables. So splurge away!

Michael Jackson ONE show Las Vegas entrance

Even the entry doors to the Michael Jackson ONE show in Las Vegas are designed in his style.




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Las Vegas for Art Lovers

Las Vegas for Art Lovers

Las Vegas has more to offer than great hotels, shows, food and of course gambling. In fact, Las Vegas is a place for artists and art lovers to gather and fall in love with the brilliance of modern art. From the lights of the strip to its architectural brilliance, visit Las Vegas for art lovers and the city’s landscape of art inside and out.


Bellagio Resort & Casino Las Vegas fountains

The Bellagio fountain are an art form themselves.

Las Vegas for Art Lovers

Here are a few places to check out in Las Vegas for art lovers:

Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art

Our family has spent hours watching the mesmerizing fountains at the Bellagio Hotel. The last time we were there together, we practically had to pull the girls away from the sidewalk kicking and screaming. When that gets old, go inside the hotel to check out the art gallery. It’s complete with premiere pieces and rotating exhibitions from around the world. The gallery has hosted works from the likes of Picasso and Warhol, as well contemporary artists like sculptor and eclectic artist Yayoi Kusama. The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art is the perfect place to take the whole family when the neon lights of the strip get to be a little much.

man looking up at glass flowers on Bellagio Las Vegas ceiling

Triton was particularly amazed at the glass flowers on the ceiling of the Bellagio Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

And how about that collection of artistic glass flowers on the lobby ceiling in the Bellagio main entrance? That creation by famed glass artist Dale Chihuly is a modern masterpiece. It’s called Fiori di Como, and is the artist’s interpretation of Italian flowers in the spring.

Neon Museum

Speaking of neon, art can take more forms than just paintings that adorn museum walls. The Neon Museum is a great example of non-traditional art. This non-profit museum houses and restores iconic Las Vegas neon signs. It’s amazing to see some of the old school marquis signs from the Vegas Strip, so close you can walk up and touch them. Some in this collection are so OG that you’ll have to watch scenes from old movies to even remember where they stood. Actually, the museum is very good at explaining the importance and history of each neon piece of art. This place is a goldmine!

Vegas neon sign

Las Vegas is chock full of neon art, practically anywhere you look.

The Arts Factory

The arts in Downtown Las Vegas range from showcases of masterpieces to stunning shops. The Arts Factory is a nondescript building from the outside, but when you walk inside you’ll be mesmerized. There are scores of  tenants that bring together art, entertainment, and even cuisine for a perfect artistic experience. Gaze on the photography of local artists in Perception Gallery, grab a drink between galleries at the The Urban Lounge, and check out Peace N Art Studio, a collaborative gallery of ecletic art. There’s something for every artistic taste at The Arts Factory.

black and white wallpaper of playing cards and other items

This cool wallpaper pattern at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is truly art in and of itself.

Metropolitan Gallery Las Vegas

The MGLV is more than just a place to view local artists. With more than 17,000 square feet of space on Fremont Street, MGLV is the perfect place to apply to exhibit your own work. If you’re an art creator (not just an art lover), you’ll love this hidden gem in downtown Vegas. It also has space to host individual art for shows and sales (after application and fee). For the visitor, it’s fun to see what local artists are creating in Las Vegas. A nice way to mingle with real people outside of the casino world.

blank canvases are still art

Sometimes art does not framed the way we expect.


Vegas’s CityCenter is a work of art in itself. The architectural design of CityCenter, complete with gorgeous staircases and glass exterior, is home for a large public space of fine art. International artists’ pieces adorn CityCenter to make the 21st century space one of Vegas’s favorite art destinations. Here you can find stunning works by Frank Stella, Henry Moore, Jenny Holzer, Richard Long and more. It’s impressive how the curators have placed art in ways to highlight the architecture of the buildings.

Art for Everyone

Whether you’re a budding artist, born with a paint brush in your hand, or an appreciator of fine art, Las Vegas is a great destination for art lovers. Check out the casinos, sculptures, and galleries that fill the Strip and downtown Las Vegas.

view Las Vegas strip at night

The view of the Las Vegas Strip from our room on the 65th floor at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas – not too shabby.

Las Vegas itself is an art form in an of itself, and we had fun finding a little piece of creativity everywhere we looked. Let us know what you find there – we’d love to add new places to our list!

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Parents Getaway Weekend in Las Vegas – No Kids!

Parents Getaway Weekend in Las Vegas – No Kids!

* A portion of our stay was hosted by The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, and the opinions expressed here are our own as always.

Sometimes it’s all just too much, and you need a healthy break from your kids. There’s plenty of research from highly educated experts that supports this, so who are we to argue? When Triton’s birthday and our 21st anniversary coincided this summer, we knew it was time for a parents getaway weekend in Las Vegas.

When exhaustion sets in from too much family, too many responsibilities, too many carpools, tutors, lessons and homework, it’s time. Time for the parents to have a moment for each other, for ourselves, for our sanity. And what better place for that escape than Las Vegas?

Welcome to Las Vegas Airport

You know you’ve hit the Las Vegas Airport from the flashing lights and slot machines that greet you as you deplane.


There are a few things to consider when planning your parents getaway weekend, so read on for some tips and recs.

Planning a Parents Getaway Weekend in Las Vegas

As soon as the thought occurs to you that it’s time for a break, it’s past due. You need to act fast. You and I both know that we just keep our heads down, persevering the daily grind until that big red thermometer in our heads hit overload. Rather than explode, go online and start planning. Or better yet, you can ask Alexa to do it – she comes well equipped to plan travel nowadays.

crystal drapes at Chandelier Bar Las Vegas

The Chandelier Bar at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is draped with millions of crystals.

Checklist for Parents Getaway Weekend in Las Vegas

Plan in Advance

  1. Choose a hotel you would never stay at with your kids. Come on, do it right and spend some time with other adults and no crying kids – especially when they’re not your own. We chose The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, because it is distinctly for adults (no, not like that!) No roller coasters, no play areas, no kids menus.
  2. Book a suite. You’re in Vegas after all, so be a baller for the weekend and get a nice room. Ours had a terrace overlooking the Bellagio fountains, a fantastic view of the Strip from the 65th floor, and a giant bathroom with soaking tub.
    view Las Vegas strip at night

    The view of the Las Vegas Strip from our room on the 65th floor at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas – not too shabby.

  3. Book spa appointments at Sahra Spa & Hammam. A steam, whirlpool, sauna and massage will do wonders to loosen that crick in your neck you’ve had since your first child was born.
  4. Make dinner reservations early. Cool places book up fast, and if you want to see a show (see #4 below) you’ll need to schedule dinner properly to leave enough time to get there. On our first night (Friday) we chose to stay at The Cosmopolitan and eat at their delicious and quirky restaurant, Rose.Rabbit.Lie. This place is part cabaret/part gourmet restaurant/part Alice in Wonderland. Trust me, just go – you have to experience it to believe it. Tell Skye we sent you.
Skye Dee Miles at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Skye performs most nights at Rose. Rabbit. Lie. supper club at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, and her show is spectacular.

Be Spontaneous

  1. If you’re up for it, grab an after-dinner drink at The Chandelier. Located back near the gaming tables, this three-story bar is draped in zillions of strands of crystals. It’s literally like sitting inside a giant chandelier. Order the Secret Cocktail – just trust us. You’re kidless!
    Secret Drink at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

    When you visit The Chandelier at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, order the secret drink – it’s a sensation.

  2. Play a few casino games. Remember, you’re a baller for the weekend – try roulette or craps like you know what you’re doing!
  3. Hit the bed (eventually).
  4. Rise and have some breakfast at Eggslut. Yes that is really what it’s called, and we’re not sure why. But their egg sandwiches are so damn good it really doesn’t matter what their name is. Salted chocolate chip cookie optional.
Sahra Spa entrance at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

As you enter Sahra Spa at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, this waterfall and stone walls form an optical illusion.

Make Time to Relax

  1. Go to the pool and lay around for several hours. Maybe bring your ear buds and listen to something other than Disney tunes. Or maybe read a trashy romance novel. Or maybe? Just maybe sit and do nothing, and remember what that felt like before kids.
  2. Head to the Sahra spa for that steam/whirlpool/sauna and massage. If you are lucky you will get Le’ Shaun as your massage therapist – she was (almost) the best thing about this entire weekend.
  3. After that spa experience, a little afternoon nap will be in order. Maybe try out that tub for two in the room?

Hit the Town

Cirque de Soleil Zumanity Mistress of Ceremonies

The spectacle at Zumanity was really sexy and like nothing we have back home, that’s for sure!

  1. Get dressed up – do this for each other. Just like you took a little extra time to look good when you were dating, this is the time to brush the kids’ cookie crumbs and snot rags aside and clean yourselves up – it’s Saturday night!
  2. Hit a restaurant, see a show, go dancing at one of the many nightclubs along the Strip! At one point on Saturday night, we taxi’d over to see Zumanity at New York, New York. This is Cirque de Soleil’s adult-themed show, and it was certainly that. Definitely NOT for kids or the faint of heart. Outrageously sexy women and men romp around the stage doing suggestive things, all corralled by a Master/Mistress of Ceremonies – a 6-foot-something drag queen in red stilettos. Our retinas are still burning from things we can never unsee.
  3. Back at the Cosmo, hit up Milk Bar for a little dessert snack. I tried the Crack Pie and had to go back for me (go figure). Triton tried the soft serve chocolate pretzel flavor – salty and sweet with a little crunch thrown in.
    dessert at Milk Bar Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

    The Crack Pie at Milk Bar in the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas was so good, we kept having to go back for more. Go figure!

  4. Go dancing at Omnia, or not. Drink more, or not. Maybe go to the room, order a bottle of bubbly from room service, and take in the view of the famous Vegas lights from your private terrace balcony. Remember The Cosmopolitan’s tag line: “Just the right amount of wrong”. Live!
  5. Wake up, eat some Eggslut, pack up, and return home to those gorgeous kids. You’ll be rested, relaxed and ready to help with that f*@#ing common core math homework again.
    Fairfax Sandwich at Eggslut Las Vegas

    The Fairfax Sandwich at Egg Slut is the perfect antidote for the mild Las Vegas hangover you might be feeling.

Have a blast and let us know how it went! We love to hear your stories….