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24+ Ways of Dealing with Teenagers

There are no easy, fool-proof ways for dealing with teenagers in your house. But with some patience and a little luck, you can get through it.

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Smart Way to Save for College Admission

We’ve been looking for ways to save for college tuition since our girls were babies, and started investing in an Invest529 college savings account way back then.

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Las Vegas: Is Vdara Hotel Good for Kids?

When people ask is Vdara Hotel good for kids, our answer is a resounding yes. In fact, we’ve returned more than once because we enjoyed this hotel so much.

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Life Lessons Kids Can Learn From Traveling

There are so many life lessons kids can learn from traveling. In fact, that may be the best reason to travel as a family.

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Tips for Gay Dads Traveling Internationally with Adopted Kids

We often find ourselves in the position of being 2 gay dads traveling internationally with adopted kids who don’t look like us. It shouldn’t matter. We shouldn’t have to think about it. Yet, it does. And we do. We have found traveling internationally with adopted kids to be wonderful, eye-opening, and sometimes scary. We decided…

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Spooked at San Diego’s Haunted Whaley House

Our kids have that weird fascination, where they are a little scared of ghosts but yet are drawn to ghost stories.  Scary movies attract them in some sort of curious can’t-look-away kind of attraction. As teens, Ava and Sophia are living in that in-between stage where they’re not kids anymore. They love haunted houses, but…

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7 Teen Dating Rules From 2 Gay Dads

No matter what you do, you are probably going to have to deal with your teens dating sooner than later. We’ve have developed some teen dating rules we think can make this time palatable for everyone.

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Tips From 2 Gay Dads on Back to School Shopping with Teens

We’ve learned some valuable lessons and are here to share tips on back to school shopping with teens. And sometimes it ain’t pretty.

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