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2 Dads with Baggage is a unique family travel lifestyle blog. Two dads with two teen girls, who have created a travel and lifestyle website because we love to travel and want to share our global travel lifestyle experience with others. For questions and travel tips, connect with us and follow along.

Doodling Helps Creativity and Organization

Ever since high school, I’ve been a doodler. It calms me. An expression of creativity just bursting to get out, doodling is my way of thinking in color

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Equipping Your College Kids’ Medicine Chest

Created by a mother of 2 college students, the College Student First Aid Kit is the ideal antidote for clueless college kids.

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Office Depot is Helping Us Keep Organized

We travel A LOT. It’s our passion and our business. In order to do a good job creating content about travel and lifestyle, we have technology from Office Depot and HP like the HP OfficeJet Pro that helps keep us organized.

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Carry-on Luggage That Converts Into A Backpack

We found a great new packing solution with luggage that converts into a backpack, which I cannot believe we have not discovered before now. Standard Luggage has the answer.

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Self Defense Classes for Teens

We’ve always talked with our daughters about being aware of their surroundings. We wanted them to have the skills to physically defend themselves, and decided to sign them up for a self defense classes for teens.

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Solution to Managing Your Photo Library

We recently found a great solution to managing your photo library with ibi, a smart photo manager. ibi is a remote hard drive that automatically saves all our favorite photos and videos in one place.

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Art Tour of Seattle With Kids

Seattle is a hip and happening city full of fresh seafood, great coffee, an amazing food culture and tons of art. That’s why we approached it as a Art Tour of Seattle With Kids, and it’s just as much fun for the parents.

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Prepaid Cards Are Like Digital Piggy Banks

These days, piggy banks have gone online, and now prepaid cards are like digital piggy banks for kids that help them learn to save, spend and give.

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