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2 Dads with Baggage is a unique family travel lifestyle blog. Two dads with two teen girls, who have created a travel and lifestyle website because we love to travel and want to share our global travel lifestyle experience with others. For questions and travel tips, connect with us and follow along.

San Diego Theme Parks in 5 Days

San Diego is known for its famous theme park and amusement destinations, and I wrote this story recently for Hilton Mom Voyage on hitting all the major San Diego theme parks in 5 days. Click here to read some great tips at We had a blast behind the scenes at the world-famous San Diego Zoo  

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A Darn Good Manhattan

Not sure what the Hilton Boston Downtown has up its sleeve when concocting their very fine Manhattan, but whatever it is, me likey. Tones of allspice and cinnamon, some kind of heirloom cherry (which is way better than those maraschino abominations) and some muddled orange. Must try at home. Triton man-models the delicious Manhattan at…

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That Time We Auditioned for Disney

Triton works with a lot of talent agencies for his job, but who knew it would land us a Disney audition? You see, he needs to book models to wear his company’s Halloween costumes and pose for catalogs and ad campaigns. After working together for many years, he’s become friends with these talent agents, and they…

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Flying From Tijuana Airport Is Easy

When we first started talking about a family vacation in Mexico, flying from the Tijuana Airport seemed like a great option – and bonus points because it was easy and cheap! Now before I go on, please purge from your list of negative associated with Tijuana – it is completely safe and very US-friendly. If…

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A Zen Weekend at Two Bunch Palms Resort & Spa

I had reached that breaking point – you know the one. Crispy around the edges, a little too sharp with my responses to the kids’ and coworkers’ demands, generally being a bitch. Yes, daddies get there too. Luckily I have an amazing family, who understood my need for some “me time”. So it was off…

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Lair of the Bear Family Camp

Each summer from the time I was 5 years old, we spent a week together at a family camp called Lair of the Bear. The Lair, as it was fondly nicknamed, was open to alumni of the University of California system, and since my dad was a graduate of UC Berkeley, we were invited to…

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What To Visit in Vietnam With Kids

Vietnam is an amazing and beautiful country, and a great place to visit with kids when you know what destinations and sights to visit. Here’s my recent story for on our family travel experience in Vietnam. The tour of old Hanoi in traditional rickshaws – we were pulled by old men in better shape…

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I Love Not Camping

Growing up, I think we went camping once. I was little and remember hardly anything except the campfire. When I was 5, we embarked on a 10 year-long annual tradition attending a family camp in “cabins” made of wood with tent roofs called Lair of the Bear. Although there were actual cots where we stretched…

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