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Letter from Sophia to President Obama About 2 Dads Especially Relevant at Election Time

*Updated from original post dated October 29, 2016. Hard to believe it was just six years ago that Sophia wrote her letter to President Obama about having two dads and he responded, triggering quite the global sensation and an epic adventure for our family. A different election season this time around, don’t you think? A Letter to […]

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Envisioning Retirement: We’re Already Planning!

Whether you’re 35, 55 or 75, those healthcare costs in retirement can hit you hard. The last thing Triton and I want to be worried about is health insurance, and particularly vision care insurance.

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Celebrate Pride Month With Your Family

June is Pride Month, and it’s the time of year we celebrate our family and other LGBTQ families across the country and the world.Some people think Pride Month is all about parades and parties. Those are fun too, but there are ways to celebrate Pride Month with your family that help promote inclusivity and education as well.

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