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Our Fab 5 LGBTQ Friendly Winter Vacation Spots

If you’re looking for some great vacation getaway in LGBTQ friendly winter vacation spots in the United States, here’s a list of some of our top five choices.

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Tips for Gay Dads Traveling Internationally with Adopted Kids

We often find ourselves in the position of being 2 gay dads traveling internationally with adopted kids who don’t look like us. It shouldn’t matter. We shouldn’t have to think about it. Yet, it does. And we do. We have found traveling internationally with adopted kids to be wonderful, eye-opening, and sometimes scary. We decided…

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7 Teen Dating Rules From 2 Gay Dads

No matter what you do, you are probably going to have to deal with your teens dating sooner than later. We’ve have developed some teen dating rules we think can make this time palatable for everyone.

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Tips From 2 Gay Dads on Back to School Shopping with Teens

We’ve learned some valuable lessons and are here to share tips on back to school shopping with teens. And sometimes it ain’t pretty.

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Gay Travel With Kids | 6 LGBTQ Friendly Hotels for Families

Gay travel with kids can be challenging. We have to be more careful in our choices than most other families. This means being on guard to how your family is perceived. It also means we make sure to bring our kids to places that welcome and celebrate families of all kinds. The truth is that…

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3 Mother’s Day Activities for Homes Without Moms

Mother’s Day activities and things your family can do, even if – or maybe especially if – your kids don’t have a mom in the picture.

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Can Two Dads Raise Girly Girls?

With two dads in the house, we sometimes wonder how our girls got to be so, well, girly. Okay, maybe we aren’t the butchest guys in the world, but we aren’t working the MAC makeup counter at Bloomingdales either. (Not that that’s a bad thing.) But it does make you wonder how can two dads…

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Getting to Zero – A Serious Goal for HIV

Getting to Zero is an important program worthy of our collective support, and it aims to reduce new HIV cases to zero within the next 10 years.

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