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Father’s Day is double the fun in our house! Since the girls were little, we had to coach them on how to buy Father’s Day gifts. Obviously too young to shop for themselves, we would buy things and present them to each other “from” Ava and Sophia. As they got older, we would guide them towards things we knew each dad would like. Now they are on their own, and it’s become harder for them to shop for us. That’s why we love the great Father’s Day gift ideas packed into our delivery from Babbleboxx.

man unboxing Babbleboxx

The Babbleboxx Father’s Day unboxing experience was like a big surprise party.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

There’s a bunch of cool Father’s Day gift ideas here, so dive in for the details plus some special deals!

Gifts for Dads Into Fitness

If you are shopping for a dad that is into fitness like me (hint hint), check out this Tech Bundle from Aftershokz. I’m so impressed with the technology behind these bone conduction Trekz Air wireless headphones. My ears are always uncomfortable from poor-fitting ear buds of all shapes and sizes, so these are fantastic for me because they sit outside my ears. Not only that, but I can hear everything else going on around me. I love these things.

Special offer: Check out the Father’s Day sale going on at

Aftershoks Tech Pack

So many cool things in the Aftershoks Tech Pack available for Father’s Day.

Gifts for Dads in the Workplace

Every once in awhile, wearing a great tie spiffs up my look and my attitude. For a great Father’s Day gift for that dad that wants to look sharp, check out the ties from Personally, I think the Black Bucyrus Skinny Tie pattern is my jam for the summer (because, you know, daisies and all). You can find this and other ties – skinny and regular both.

Special offer: Use code TIESXBABBLE for 15% off your order from now until 12/31/19 at

man in tie on couch with dog

Sometimes you’ve got to get dressed up to relax, thus my spiffy tie from

Gift for Eagle Eye Dads

If you’ve ever worn glasses in order to see better, you will have shared my frustration with switching to sunglasses.  Zenni Eyewear has got us covered, because they offer these super cool magnetic snap-on shades that make regular eyeglass frames into sunglasses in about 2-seconds flat. And they don’t look like your grandpa’s old clip ons! The set features stylish tortoiseshell glasses for your prescription lenses, and an attachable magnetic sunglass frame with a dark gray tint. Instant 2-in-1 glasses.

For information on clip-on sets and other models, check out the options at

Zenni Eyewear magnetic clip-on shades

Loving this Zenni Eyewear with magnetic clip-on shades.

Gifts for Golfing Dads

Triton and I recently picked up golf clubs at the driving range and hit a few balls – I was a returning amateur and this was Triton’s maiden voyage. We both loved it and hit the ball really well. So when we saw these amazing tickets to the 2020 U.S. Open Championship at Winged Foot Golf Club in New York, it seemed like the golf gods were paying attention. Next June, we can see the world’s best golfers (and compare our swings) as they vie for the U.S. Open Golf trophy. And by the way, the 2020 finals are on Father’s Day!

You can get your U.S. Open tickets by visiting

Tickets to US Open 2020

The 2020 U.S. Open is on Father’s Day – how convenient!

Gifts for Casual Dads

In our house, we have tug-o-wars over the comfy t-shirts. The girls get into the action too, and many of our favorites go missing and we end up finding them in the girls’ hampers. Hanes Black Label Tees are perfect for us, because they are made from US grown cotton, are already washed and offer super soft fabric. They sent us both a black v-neck tee and a navy crew-neck tee, and they are both sooooooo comfortable. We can wear them with shorts, with jeans, or with pajama bottoms – or in our case, all three.

Get Hanes Black Label Crew Neck tees here or Hanes Black Label V-Neck tees here.

two men wearing Hanes Black Label tees

These Hanes Black Label Tees are soooooo comfortable.

Gifts for Playful Dads

For that dad who has everything and loves to fidget and play around, we’ve got the ideal gift for Father’s Day. The Spinning Top from Bruce Charles Design is made from beautiful polished brass with a silicon nitride ceramic bearing. This is an everyday carry pocket top we can bring anywhere and take for a spin. I used ours during a long phone conference the other day, and it was a perfect way to keep my mind focused. And man, can this top spin. I had mine going for almost 1o minutes solid – I think I see a Father’s Day challenge coming up. Which dad will keep his top spinning longest??

Grab this spinning top from Bruce Charles Design on Amazon Prime and get free shipping with plenty of time to receive before Father’s Day.

brass spinning top fro Bruce Charles Design

We’ve been having contests to see how long we can get this spinning top by Bruce Charles Design to keep spinning.

Gifts For Two Dads

Since there are two dads in our house, we’re going to share all these cool things from Babbleboxx back and forth. That way, nobody feels left out and everybody wins for Fathers’ Day. Now, what do we think the girls will get us this year? Hmmmm.