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Planting a Backyard Vegetable Garden

Every year we plant vegetables in our backyard with high hopes, and have come up with a process of getting the vegetable garden ready for planting that seems to work well for us. With Spring in full bloom and warmer weather on its way, we’re happy to share with you some tips we’ve discovered in our efforts

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Best Meal Kit Delivery Services During The Pandemic

We’ve tried tried several meal preparation services and compared them for quality, taste and ease. These are our recommendations for best meal kit delivery services during these crazy times.

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Does My Teen Need to File Income Tax?

Recently our older daughter Sophia decided to get a job. So I asked myself, does my teen need to file income tax? After a bit of research, the short answer is yes.

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RepairSmith Brings Mobile Auto Repair to Your Doorstep

There’s a new game in town. We just discovered RepairSmith, a new mobile auto maintenance service that comes to your house!

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A Personal Cholesterol Story from the Heart

Modern medicine has fortunately improved in recent times along with better information about cholesterol management. Here are some tips on how to improve your chances.

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Self Defense Classes for Teens

We’ve always talked with our daughters about being aware of their surroundings. We wanted them to have the skills to physically defend themselves, and decided to sign them up for a self defense classes for teens.

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Starting our Holiday Shopping Early with Happy Cards®

One of my New Year’s Resolutions last year was to start my holiday shopping a lot earlier than normal. Gifts like the Happy Holidays card from Happy Cards are top of my list this year.

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Easy Cocktail Parties with Drinkworks ® Home Bar by Keurig®

The Drinkworks ® Drinkmaker is the first of its kind – an appliance that makes a variety of cocktails at home in minutes. This is literally a gamechanger for hosting easy cocktail parties

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Running My Home Office Smoothly Is Now A Snap

I love having an office at home, and even though I’m not always at my desk I know it’s there to come home to. It’s easier with Office Depot as my partner.

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