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Life Lessons Kids Can Learn From Traveling

There are so many life lessons kids can learn from traveling. In fact, that may be the best reason to travel as a family.

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Kids’ Travel Experiences Last a Lifetime: Cambodia Family Vacation

When we asked the girls what destination stands out in their minds they chose Cambodia, but not for the reasons you think.

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Fly from Tijuana Airport via CBX Cross Border Xpress

We’ve found a great option to cross the border and fly from the Tijuana Airport in Mexico, and it’s so easy and fast! It’s always been cheaper to fly to other cities in Mexico from the Tijuana Airport, which is located just feet across the US/Mexico border. Now we’ve discovered the CBX Cross Border Express.

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Puerto Vallarta Won Our Family’s Hearts

As a family, we’ve visited quite a few destinations in Mexico, and there is something special about Puerto Vallarta.

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Things to Splurge on During Your Next Vacation

Everyone likes to save money when traveling, but there are some things you just need to splurge on during your next vacation.

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Packing List Essentials for a Family Vacation

When you plan ahead, your vacation can start out without a hitch by using these packing list essentials for a family vacation.

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Passing On a Lifetime of Palm Springs Road Trips to our Kids

I’ve been visiting Palm Springs since I was 14 years old, and I never tire of its dry heat, swimming pools and desert beauty. Those first few visits set in concrete a love affair with the Coachella Valley that has endured throughout my lifetime. Passing on a lifetime of Palm Springs road trips to our…

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Low Tech Things To Do On A Road Trip

Summer road trips are our family’s jam. We love to hit the road for long weekends, visiting fun California places like Santa Barbara, Palm Springs and more. It’s easy to let our kids get lost in their smartphones while on the road, but a family trip is also an opportunity to connect and engage in some low tech things to do on a road trip.

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