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About Us

When our daughter Sophia wrote a letter to President Obama at 10 years old, it started a worldwide sensation that set our family on a course of amazing adventures. We’ve met many interesting people along the way that wanted to hear our stories, stories about two dads raising two daughters in today’s crazy and wonderful world. So we started this blog!

Parenting is hard enough, amiright? What with all those quick-on-your-feet explanations to hard questions, decisions about whether to say yes, no or maybe (and you know the kids realize that maybe means yes), and the myriad things that could go wrong as we guide these little lives towards adulthood. Sometimes it’s all a big jumblef*@#. Add in the “I have two dads” twist, and you’re sure to hear a few humdingers along the way.

But we are pretty darn fortunate to have each other, and as the story goes, love conquers all.

And so does travel. Visiting other places around the globe helps us see the bigger picture: that our lives are part of a much greater community made up of people just like us, only completely different. The space between is what truly matters, and our little family enjoys the exploration.

So these are our stories – expressed by all four of us – as we travel, navigate, experience and grow. And laugh, because you gotta laugh.


  • Jonathan Bailey
    travel influencer/harried dad/vacation dreamer/worrier

    Jon likes exploring far away places, home cooked meals like his Sicilian mama used to make, John Varvatos, and a front-of-the-line pass to just about anything.

  • Triton Klugh
    designer/teen whisperer/uber organizer/dad humorist

    Triton likes Starbucks venti black iced tea with double pumps classic, eating at restaurants (any, really), comfy t-shirts and Jason Bourne.

  • Sophia Bailey-Klugh
    teen-going-on-30/tennis player/constant shopper/pop culture fanatic

    Sophia likes Red Vines, scary movies, clothes shopping and Justin Bieber (still). Oh, and boys. She really likes the boys.

  • Ava Bailey-Klugh
    teenager extraordinaire/cheerleader/ collector of many things/nature girl

    Ava likes vampire romances, cookie dough, ironic t-shirts from 80s rock bands, and cuddly animals of any species.

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