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The story behind the show

So, what’s this all about?!

Since we’ve been cooking since we were kids, my lifelong friend Patti Werry and I have launched a new livestream cooking show called Dinner’s Gonna Be a Little Late Tonight!

It’s part cooking instruction, part storytelling, part funny banter with some boozy undertones. You’ll walk away with some solid recipes, maybe some new culinary knowledge and more than a few laughs if we’re lucky!

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You see when I was 17, I came home for dinner one night and my little 5-foot-nothing Italian mom was literally sitting on the floor of the kitchen with a glass of wine in her hand. She looked up at me with a grin and said “Dinner’s gonna be a little late tonight!” and my friends and I thought that was the funniest thing she had ever said. We have told that story for years, and it only seemed right to honor my best cooking teacher with the name of our program.

Patti and I grew up in families that loved to eat. Although she lived just a few miles from me in the Bay Area, we went to different schools and only met by chance in the parking lot of – wait for it – Taco Bell. Since then, we’ve swapped a million recipes, cooked for each other’s families, shared holiday feasts together and consumed more than a few glasses of wine along the way.

We hope you’ll join us for our weekly episodes of Dinner’s Gonna Be a Little Late Tonight! I hear there will be booze involved.

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