We’ve been to Las Vegas many, many (many) times, and stayed in quite a few hotels on and off the strip over the years. Without a doubt, the Delano Las Vegas has been the best experience yet, and we would happily make it our Vegas home if we are leaving the kids home. Why you ask? Because two things: no casino and no smoking, period.

Vegas is a blast, we cannot deny, and casinos are a huge part of what has made Las Vegas such an enormous success. It can be so much fun to sit at a black jack table for hours, eeking out hard-earned dollars on hands you should have folded on or maybe doubled down on – take your pick. The last time we were there, I ambled up to the craps table at Caesar’s Palace and tried desperately to follow the play until I picked up a few of the tricks from some hardcore players. Again, a total blast.

This sculpture in the lobby of the Delano Las Vegas is made from hanging rocks

But when I’m done with the casino, I am D-O-N-E. I don’t want to come downstairs from my room for breakfast the next morning, and still hear the ringing of the slot machines and whoops of big players hollering about the latest win or loss. I want my coffee, my quiet time, and a slow return to the living. Not more casino shenanigans. Which is why I  love the Delano Las Vegas for its welcome absence of gaming.

Same with smoking. Something that seems perhaps a little glamorous at night, framed with cocktails, sly glances and pouty lips, becomes so disgusting the day after. The last thing I want is to smell smoke – or smell like smoke – when the party is over. Again, the Delano Las Vegas comes through as a non-smoking hotel. More points.

Oh, and not a great hotel with kids – which is why we didn’t bring them! If you want to visit Las Vegas as a family, it can be so much fun. Stay at the Paris Hotel or Planet Hollywood for that kind of family entertainment.

Sexy Lobby

Whomever designed this hotel gets my applause. When it was formerly The Hotel, it was just okay in an opulent only-in-Vegas gilded kind of way. Now as the Delano, the spaces are sleek, warmly stylish, and well lit with appropriately dim cocktail lighting that looks good on anybody.

Low leather couches, lots of random-shaped wood furniture, very cool art and a chill vibe. My kind of place!

Just look at this lobby at the Delano Las Vegas – seriously cool vibe.

HUGE Rooms

These are some of the largest hotel rooms on the Strip, all suites with enormous sitting rooms, spacious bedrooms with giant granite and marble bathrooms and walk-in showers. Again the furnishings and design are high style, very chic with a vibe you would normally find in New York.

The suites at the Delano are enormous!

Nice Connections to Mandalay Bay

One other cool thing about the Delano is its direct connection to the Mandalay Bay, simply down a hallway and into the casino and restaurant arcade. So convenient! You can eat, drink, see a show and gamble at the Mandalay, and then stumble back to the Delano to relax in the rich, quiet vibe of coolness. The best of both worlds!

Bonus Location – End of Strip

If you’ve been to Vegas a few times, you start to learn the lay of the land. For example, if your dinner reservations are down the Strip a ways, and you need to take a cab, it can be a brutal and very long ride in heavy traffic. And walking? Out of the question! So staying at the Delano Las Vegas can be an advantage due to it being at the very end of the Strip, which gives cabbies and ubers many options to maneuver around traffic using surface streets. If you are always running a tad late (ahem) then every minute counts, and this little secret is a valuable one!

This photo doesn’t do justice to how cool this room is – I couldn’t get the right angle, so just trust me.

What’s your favorite place to stay on the Strip? Come on, let’s hear it!

My barometer for a hotel room is the bar and the bathroom. The Delano wins for both!