Ava and Sophia played photo assistant recently at Triton’s Halloween photo shoot for his costume company, and they didn’t realize it would bounce between really fun action and really boring waiting. The shoot featured Halloween costumes for adults, babies and little kids. I’m sure you can imagine what it must be like to pose babies. In costumes. Holding still for the camera.

Dang that baby bunny is cute.

Have you ever been at a photo shoot with models? Lots of waiting. LOTS. Still, Sophia and Ava thought it was pretty cool – particularly the hair and make-up part (quelle surprise).

Just a few different shades of make-up to bring out the best in each character.

Check out some of the behind-the-scenes photos from Ava and Sophia. I think they are already getting inspiration for their own Halloween costumes, and we are still more than three months away!

We would all be nothing without good lighting.

What are you going to be for Halloween this year??? I’m thinking I may dress as a puppy-monkey-baby. Or not….

Shoes for days! The girls were in heaven.