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Global Parenting, Better Living – with a Gay Twist

Gay couples with kids are like everyone else. We love each other unconditionally. Our family also loves to share stories about our lives and travels. We do so with equally open hearts - no matter their culture. We've learned most everyone wants the same things: the love of family and friends, happy lives, peace of mind. By meeting in the middle, we start to change the world.



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I Made These Recipes Using the Time Saving App Walmart+

I just found out about Walmart’s newest service Walmart+, and it’s the time saving app that might just change my life. Recipes for Citrus Carnitas, Spanish Rice and Bananas Foster for Dessert!

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two dogs facing away from camera looking out window of house on to street

National Hug Your Dog Day is April 10 and Here Are 6 Gifts for Dogs to Spoil Your Pet

This post about gifts for dogs was sponsored by Babbleboxx, and all views shared are our own. We love our dogs George and Alice all year around. Believe me, they get plenty of attention from all the members of our family. Still, with National Hug Your Dog Day coming on April 10, our pups are […]

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roasted chicken pieces with lemon, shallot, rosemary.

The Best Roasted Lemon Chicken Recipe Ever

Start with the best whole chicken you can get your hands on. I love the Pasturebird Pasture Raised Whole Chicken from Perdue Farms for its flavor, meatiness and pure upbringing.

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Meet the Bailey-Klughs

When our daughter Sophia wrote a letter to President Obama at 10 years old…

…it started a worldwide sensation that set our family on a course of amazing adventures. We’ve met many interesting people along the way that wanted to hear our stories, stories about two dads raising two daughters in today’s crazy and wonderful world. So we started this blog!

Jonathan Bailey
Jonathan Bailey

Jon likes exploring far away places, home cooked meals like his Sicilian mama used to make, John Varvatos, and a front-of-the-line pass to just about anything.

#travelinfluencer #harrieddad #vacationdreamer #worrier

Triton Klugh
Triton Klugh

Triton likes Starbucks venti black iced tea with double pumps classic, eating at restaurants (any, really), comfy t-shirts and Jason Bourne.

#designer #teenwhisperer #uberorganizer #dadhumorist

Sophia Bailey-Klugh
Sophia Bailey-Klugh

Sophia likes Red Vines, scary movies, clothes shopping and Justin Bieber (still). Oh, and boys. She really likes the boys.

#tennisplayer #constantshopper #popculturefanatic #teengoingon30

Ava Bailey-Klugh
Ava Bailey-Klugh

Ava likes vampire romances, cookie dough, ironic t-shirts from 80s rock bands, and cuddly animals of any species.

#teenagerextraordinaire #cheerleader #collectorofmanythings #nature girl

Global Adventures and
Parenting Around the World

We’re travel junkies, and have been to more than 15 countries together,
Oh, and a ton of great places across the beautiful United States as well.

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