Thoughts From Massachusetts


What I learned in Massachusetts –

• After seven days you run out of things to say in the van.
• 6 lobster rolls in 6 days – proof I can achieve anything I put my mind to.
• It’s not a good idea to take up jogging the morning after 2 Old Fashioneds, 2 glasses of wine and a Baileys – flies are drawn to that smell and a 70-year old women passed me twice.
• We saw a lot of old stuff in Boston.
• Make sure your driver (Jon) does not have low blood sugar before driving to breakfast or your driver (Jon) might have a sharp tongue.
• I watched a lady struggle to put up a tent on a windy beach in P Town and laughed inside while my friend Nancy got up and offered help #nancyisabetterperson.
• The kids just wanted to lay in bed, watch videos and eat junk food – that would bother me if I didn’t want to do the same thing.